Fashion magazine keeps faith with 'cocaine Kate'

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But today the south London supermodel receives a much-needed boost from one of the world's most influential magazines, Vanity Fair, which features Moss across no fewer than 11 of its glossy pages as well as on its front cover.

Posing the question "Kate Moss - can she come back?", the magazine seems convinced the answer is yes, or at least that there is still sufficient interest in her turbulent lifestyle to warrant such a splash. And the spread could help in healing the damage done by the drug scandal, which resulted in the loss of lucrative contracts with Burberry, Chanel and H&M following publication of the damning photographs in the Daily Mirror.

But after a public apology and a month-long stay at an Arizona rehab clinic, 31-year-old Moss is hoping the worst could be behind her. The magazine debates whether the style icon, was "the victim of overzealous media or her own edgy lifestyle?". Talking to the model's friends, the writer Vicky Ward explores the "growing stress that [Moss] felt, her devotion to her young daughter and the dangerous influence of her hard-partying boyfriend".

Clearly Kate has found a friend in Vanity Fair. Julie Belcove, the magazine's deputy editor, said: "It has always been Moss's complexity... that has made her so compelling to look at. Whether it's also the source of her troubles is impossible to know. But she has become an icon." A statement from the magazine's office said it had chosen to feature her because "she is interesting and in the news".

The loss of the contracts may have hit Moss hard financially - their total was said to be worth more than $4m (£2.3m) - but it was criticism from former friends and colleagues which, it is claimed, hurt most.

Moss is now said to have hired a number of bodyguards to keep her out of trouble and is currently relaxing at a Caribbean hideaway with her friend Meg Matthews. Although she could still be interviewed by police in connection with the drug-taking allegations, she is said to have emerged from the Meadows clinic in Arizona - described as a level one psychiatric acute hospital - with an "unremitting" timetable of therapy and meditation, "harder, tougher and more ruthless than she's ever been".

So the future for Moss could be looking brighter than it did this time last month. She is reported to be moving to the Cotswolds with her three-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, after selling her north London home. French Vogue is said to be going ahead with plans to feature her in next month's issue and she is also booked for a slot as a guest editor.

But there remains one big unknown - her relationship with Doherty. Some reports suggest the two will be back together soon, possibly even staging a romantic reunion at the home of one of their showbiz friends. Whatever happens, Moss looks set to remain firmly in the limelight.

The new edition of Vanity Fair will be on sale from Friday.