"Feel my fork" (Quorn)

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181 complaints

ASA vedict - Not upheld

What the ASA said:

This TV ad for Quorn, showed a family sitting down to eat. The teenage daughter questioned why the mother was serving up Quorn to the whole family as Quorn was “her thing”. After remonstrating with her family she turns to her brother with clenched teeth and a fork in her hand and says “Touch my food; feel my fork”. Complainants saw this action as a threat of violence which was irresponsible and offensive and could possibly encourage bullying. Others said the ad was a bad influence on children and would encourage them to attack each other with forks.

We viewed the ad as a light-hearted portrayal of family life and as there was no violence depicted in the ad we felt it was not likely to encourage harmful emulation, to cause harm to children or to cause serious or widespread offence.