Firefox gets an update, is 20 percent faster

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Mozilla, makers of the world's second most popular web browser have updated their Firefox browser to version 3.6.

Firefox 3.6 brings with it new features and additional support for new web standards. The free, open-source web browser boasts new perks such as Personas (personalized browser themes), a Plugin Uploader that helps make sure your computer is safe from potential security vulnerabilities by keeping your plugins up to date, stability improvements, form complete, and support for the latest HTML 5 specification including open video and audio.

"Firefox 3.6 is more than 20 percent faster than Firefox 3.5 and includes extensive under the hood work to improve performance for everyday Web tasks such as email, uploading photos, social networking, and more. It also delivers new features like customizable browser themes called Personas, a ground-breaking Plugin updater, improved JavaScript performance, and enhancements to familiar favorites like the Awesome Bar for a better, more personal Web experience," announced Mozilla via their blog on January 21.

The new version of the browser can be downloaded from the Mozilla site: