Guilty Pleasure: Margherita Taylor on The BBC's Click Online

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I see it on a Sunday morning at 4.30am, a really weird time to be up. There's nothing on except this. So I'm there watching this techno world and suddenly I realise that I really look forward to it! It's part of my routine now, which is a bit worrying.

The host, Stephen Cole, is really good - he's so enthusiastic and passionate about all this geeky nonsense. They go round the world finding the latest gadgets. They also look at how technology is affecting different parts of the globe, so they'll do a show on recycling computers for Africa, or how mobile technology is affecting parts of the world that don't even have landlines yet.

And now whether it's the latest software, the latest mobile technology, the latest virus protection, the coolest hardware - I'm up on it.

I think my friends would look at me like I'd gone absolutely mad if I told them that this was part of my staple TV diet. It has got to the point where they've mentioned some product and the same day I've gone to the website to see where I can get my hands on it. I don't know if it's changed my life, but it's certainly changed my PC - I've upgraded everything since I've started watching! I've gone from being a complete "computer newbie" (that's what they call us) to become a part of this whole world which I didn't even know existed. I hope I'm not alone out there.

Margherita Taylor is a DJ for Capital Radio