Guilty Pleasures No. 7: Tony Husband, Cartoonist, on 'The Archers'

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There's a drum kit in my artist's garret, along with over 1,000 CDs and albums and most of the time I'm drawing to the sound of rock'n'roll.

I've got all sorts here, The Datsuns, The Pixies, Kasabian - I'm playing a lot. But all that stops at two o'clock when I have to put the radio on for The Archers. I've been listening to the show for the past 12 years. There's something about it that's so English and I really look forward to it. I go on the programme's website and I've even got the book, The Archers Companion, so I can see who everybody looks like.

Up until now, listening to The Archers has been something I have kept to myself. My friends and relatives don't really know about my obsession with it. Us cartoonists are a bit of a club but I've never talked to the others about The Archers - I suspect I'm a bit of a one-off.

Sometimes you do come across someone who listens to the programme and my reaction is always "Wow, I've got a friend". Nobody who listens to the show is vague about it, everyone knows exactly who is who in the programme. So you can swap stories and anecdotes. It's quite sad really, I'm sorry but I do like it.

I don't like the soaps on television at all - I wouldn't watch them because they are just too full-frontal. But with The Archers you can use your imagination a bit, it's good exercise for the mind and it inspires me to draw.

I just enjoy being dropped into Ambridge just to mix with them and get annoyed with certain people such as Jennifer Aldridge, who's always calling everybody "darling".

Every now and then they bring in a nasty character, but you hear the theme tune at the end of each episode and you know it's all going to turn out all right. Then I go and put The Pixies back on.