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Hewitt complains about tabloids

The Press Complaints Commission was in the interesting position of having to defend the man dubbed the greatest cad in England this week. James Hewitt, the former lover of the Princess of Wales, had complained to the commission about the invasion of his privacy by the press following that interview, naming the Mirror and Express as the worst perpetrators. The Mirror promptly published Hewitt's letter - address, telephone number and all. It then urged Mirror readers to call him and "give him the benefit of their feelings concerning his treatment of Princess Diana". The number was disconnected the same day.

Granada serves up plans

Granada's pounds 3.3bn bid for the hotels giant Forte might suggest that the ITV licence-holder for the north and owner of London Weekend Television might be losing interest in television. Far from it, says Gerry Robinson, Granada's chief. Plans to launch up to four new cable and satellite channels are being pursued, while the Granada and LWT franchises will occupy pride of place among the holdings of the catering conglomerate. The company also intends to keep its stake in BSkyB.

TV transfer market

Lost in all the speculation about an ITV bid for the rights to Premier League football matches is a simple fact: the current rights-holder, BSkyB, has an option to match any other offer when the contract comes up for renewal next year. ITV is likely to get its hands on some British football, but only if it is prepared to negotiate with BSkyB's Trevor East, the former ITV sports head wooed to Sky by supremo Sam Chisholm.

Education cuts loom at BBC

Up to 40 job losses loom at the BBC's educational department. Volunteers have been asked to step forward: after that, it will be compulsory redundancy.

New chief, new role for ITC?

The chief executive-designate of the Independent Television Commission, Peter Rogers, was a surprise appointment last week to replace the outgoing David Glencross. But the announcement was welcomed by many in the industry, who view Rogers as sensible, articulate and intelligent, just the man to help redefine the ITC's role in the digital age.

Virgin glee at legal success

Tensions are running high between Virgin TV and the ITC, following the former's success in winning leave to seek judicial review of the Channel 5 award. Virgin gleefully fed journalists the point-by-point criticisms raised by its lawyers in the High Court last week. The ITC hit back in a sombre press release, stating: "There was no examination of the merits of the case." Expect some fireworks next January.