Hello! & Me: Michael Winner

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I was in one of their very first editions – and of course at that time we didn't know they paid money for interviews. We thought it was just a normal interview – we did it for nothing. So they got about six pages of Jenny and me for free.

I think they do it very well. It's nice to know there's a magazine that's not out to kill you. It really is a great relief.

It does take a bit of time so they should pay money, bless 'em, because it's not like a normal interview where they come and take one photograph of you. My house is always tidy, but you do have to keep changing clothes, and walk around the place. I think it takes well over a day. But they do it very nicely.

The last time was a few weeks ago and I thought it was very good. Sometimes they do look a bit peculiar, but on the whole it's a nice magazine. They're very nice people. They're reliable. They do what they say they're going to do. I must say I like dealing with them. I regret they lost that wonderful countess, whatever she was – she was handing money out like it was going out of style, and very charming, too.

I don't actually buy Hello! because I've stopped buying all magazines except Country Life. But they do have it on my private jets a lot, so I look at it then. I look at it in amazement.