Henry Normal: My Week In Media

Last week I watched ...
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The Apprentice. I've no idea what it brings out in the human psyche but it is addictive. I've still not forgiven Alan Sugar for sacking the sexy lawyer; she was definitely the one for the job. My tip for this series is Ansell.

I watched the Arsenal vs. Juventus match. I can watch any football and it was a great match - you keep thinking they're going to mess up and then they come through. There's so much tension that I'm worn out after watching a football match. It's like a workout and I have to have a lie down afterwards.

Baby Cow's Ideal with Johnny Vegas (right) is on BBC3 at the moment. Obviously I've seen it 10 times in the edit but I watch to see how many jokes they give away in the trails. I get the feeling that if the trails people trailed Citizen Kane they would show you the shot of the sledge in the furnace right at the end.

Last week I read ...

Ceefax - it's the main media thing I read every week. There's no opinion, just the basic facts that you need. My one criticism of it is that the font is like something from a 1980s Amstrad computer.

On Saturday I got The Guardian but I didn't look at any of it apart from the little television booklet, The Guide, which I go through scrupulously so that I understand what's happening on television. My wife read out the vicious bits of Charlie Brooker's Screen Burn column. He's very comically astute and entertaining at the same time.

I always get Broadcast on Thursdays and this week's had an age-old headline: "BBC dominates awards". This always tickles me because there are four channels at the BBC and one channel at each of the others. I want to read the headline, "BBC wins more than four times as many awards as each of the other channels". They never clarify that for you in the headlines.

Last week I listened to ...

The News Quiz on Radio 4. It was very funny. I listen to anything on Radio 4 apart from the plays. They do very specific documentaries on subjects that are so small you can't understand how anyone can make half an hour of them, but I find them quite interesting.

Henry Normal is a founder of Baby Cow Productions. Nebulous, starring Mark Gatiss, is on Radio 4 on Wednesday at 11pm