'How much should I weigh?' tops the list of most asked questions in 2009

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From finding out how to get pregnant to pondering when the world will end, people in the US have turned to the internet to help satisfy their curiosity in 2009.

Health and fitness, finance and technology queries top Ask.com's list of top questions for 2009.

The number-one question on Americans' lips in 2009 was, "How much should I weigh?"

"How do I get out of debt fast?" followed closely behind as the second most asked question on Ask.com in 2009.

"The top questions of 2009 reveal a portrait of Americans determined to improve their financial and personal health, strengthen their relationship and parenting skills, and learn from the modern-day heroes who emerged this year," said Doug Leeds, president of Ask.com US.

"Our research shows that when consumers type a question into the search box, they want a direct and immediate answer, versus when they search by keywords, they're more likely to be exploring information options. As such, Ask has unique insight into Americans' attitudes about current events and their culture."

While top search results from online query sites such as Ask.com differed greatly to those seen on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!'s search engines - where Michael Jackson topped all three lists of top search terms for 2009 - the overall trends showed a strong correlation.

Ask.com's Top Questions of 2009:
1. How much should I weigh?
2. How do I get out of debt fast?
3. How do I get pregnant?
4. What is Twitter?
5. What is Miley Cyrus' phone number?
6. What is the meaning of life?
7. When will the world end?
8. How long does marijuana stay in your system?
9. What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?
10. What time is it?

Top Fitness Questions:
1. How many calories should I eat a day?
2. How do I get a six-pack fast?
3. What is the best exercise to burn calories?
4. How much should I be able to bench press?
5. What is Pilates?
6. How many calories do you burn running a mile?
7. What are the benefits of jogging?
8. How long does it take to tone muscle?
9. Is yoga better for you than Pilates?
10. How do you boost your metabolism?

Top Personal Finance Questions:
1. What is a good credit score?
2. How do I file for bankruptcy?
3. How do I start my own business?
4. What is a short sale in real estate?
5. Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?
6. How much is minimum wage?
7. How do savings bonds work?
8. What can I deduct on my taxes?
9. What is a trust fund?
10. What is a hedge fund?

Top Technology Questions:
1. How do I make a website?
2. What does URL stand for?
3. How do I find my IP address?
4. What is an RSS feed?
5. How many megabytes are in a gigabyte?
6. How do I delete my cookies?
7. What is JavaScript?
8. What does FTP stand for?
9. What is a 3G network?
10. What is a PDF file?

Top Celebrity Rumors of 2009:
1. Is Miley Cyrus pregnant?
2. Is Adam Lambert straight?
3. Is Lady Gaga a man?
4. Is Michelle Obama pregnant?
5. Is Robert Pattinson dating Kristen Stewart?
6. Did Chris Brown get Rihanna pregnant?
7. Are Jon and Kate getting a divorce?
8. Is Michael Phelps using marijuana?
9. Who is the father of Michael Jackson's children?
10. Did David Letterman keep a secret bedroom is his studio?

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