How Shiloh Nouvel learnt art of celebrity endorsement from birth

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As celebrity endorsements go, it comes no bigger than this. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, perhaps the most gilded of Hollywood's golden couples, stare down adoringly at their oh-so cute new arrival, Shiloh Nouvel, for Hello! magazine

But the grey top being sported by the couple's sleeping daughter, born in conditions of maximum privacy in Namibia two weeks ago, is no ordinary babygrow. The T-shirt is the handiwork of Kingsley Aarons, creator of the most fashionable infant clothing in the world.

The former surf wear designer and computer graphics artist already counts Johnny Depp, Seal and Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Cox, Stella McCartney, and Slash from Gun's n' Roses among his clients.

His vintage rock-style T-shirts sell for about £21 - not bad considering a Gucci baby leather jacket will set you back £900 while Prada trainers for tiny feet cost £95. But of course it is not price that has made Kingsley tops the latest must-wear accessory for the offspring of the world's rich and famous. According to the California-based company, the designer is about much more than just making baby clothes.

''Kingsley has altered the way people communicate ideas and view design in today's visual world, and strives to consistently break rules and take chances - two elements that are the core of his intense portfolio,'' his web site biography reads.

While the Jolie-Pitts, or as they have been dubbed by the world's celebrity-watching classes the Brangelinas, opted for the Pots and Pans Band motif, other more controversial designs include a Union Jack motif with the image of Sid Vicious and Teen Spirit, evoking grunge kings Nirvana.

With such a famous mother and father, little Shiloh Nouvel looks set to live her life under the spotlight. Despite being only a few days old, The Los Angeles Times has even gone so far as to publish her biography, from conception to delivery by Caesarean section at a hospital in Namibia, surrounded by the inevitable teams of doctors nurses, bodyguards and publicists. Such was the emotion surrounding her birth, weighing 7lbs, Pitt's ex, Jennifer Anniston was reported to have burst into tears.

Indeed the parents' joy was itself punctured this week when pictures of the their new child appeared on the internet - rupturing a carefully negotiated £3.8m exclusive rights deal with Hello! and People magazines. The images, hailed by Hello! as the ''biggest exclusive of the year'' were eventually removed from the sites following legal action.

The couple auctioned the rights, through Getty Images, and have said they plan to donate the money to charity.

Jolie, Pitt and Penexupifo Pohamba, the wife of the Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba, appeared at a news conference in Swakopmund, Namibia, on Wednesday, their first public appearance since the birth.