Inside story: Editors with style

They edit the UK's top glossy magazines, but which one of them stands out from the fashion pack for their strong sense of style? Rebecca Howard asked 15 leading editors of women's mags to nominate the rival they most admire for their sartorial know-how
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Louise Chunn

Editor, InStyle I don't think editors-in-chief should be fashion plates - it looks rather desperate to see a new editor trussed up in one designer's clothes when everyone knows they used to shop at Jigsaw. Harper's Lucy Yeomans looks the part very well - chic, consistent. She chooses clothes that flatter her and make her look like a real player in the front-row stakes. Quite rightly she leaves cutting edge to the stylists and fashion assistants.

Matthew Line

Editor, She

Lucy simply dresses the part. She knows how to accessorise, looks the princess not the pauper in a pair of jeans and gives great shoe. It's got to be Lucy - she's got the hair.

Eilidh Macaskill

Editor, Happy

In the UK editors aren't as aggressively fashion forward as they are in Europe. Our thing is so much more easy going and personal. I think I would probably have to nominate Lucy Yeomans of Harper's Bazaar, as she is consistently slick, well pulled together and has a great line in coats.

Tiffanie Darke

Editor, Sunday Times Style

I nominate Lucy Yeomans because she always has a smile on her face. Most glossy editors think the sterner and more po-faced they look, the more respect they'll get off the ranks of fashion minions that cower behind them. Lucy, however, has a very well-deserved reputation as being one of the nicest people in fashion. If you sit next to her she always has something lovely to say, is charming, interesting and funny. And her long blond hair and hot bod means she always carries off the latest fashions with wonderful panache.


Helen Johnston

Editor, New Woman My vote goes to Lorraine Candy. I think she manages to look slick, fashion forward and at ease with her style at the same time.


Lucy Yeomans

Editor, Harper's Bazaar

Sophia has her own very womanly sense of style. She accentuates her curvy silhouette with simple figure-hugging dresses from Roland Mouret and Alexander McQueen, accessorised with sexy statement heels from designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Alaïa and Christian Louboutin. She's someone who wears the clothes rather than letting the clothes wear her, and it's this flair and attitude that makes her stand out for me.


Jane Bruton, Editor, Grazia: Who else but Katie Grand? She's a fearless fashion innovator and her magazine, Pop, manages to be fabulously fashion forward and lots of fun without alienating anyone. I like her because she takes no BS, has a healthy disregard for rules, and has that uncanny knack for spotting a trend a year before it happens.

Sam Baker, Editor Cosmopolitan: Everybody knows and respects Katie in the industry. She sets trends and is very fashion forward - she gets away with outfits I'd never dream of wearing! She's prepared to take risks and put her own spin on everything. You'd never see her top to toe in a look straight off the catwalk. I admire the way she combines Topshop with Giles Deacon and makes each outfit her own.


Donna Armstrong, Editor, More: As the editor-in-chief of Grazia, it's not surprising Fiona always looks classically elegant. Her sense of style is effortlessly up to the minute, elegant and accessible, whether she's dressing up to the nines for a swanky event or dressing down for a busy day in the office. She definitely gets my vote as Britain's most fashionable editor.

Lisa Smosarski, Editor, Bliss: Whenever we see Fiona in the Emap lifts we marvel at her impeccable style! On the rainiest day she still looks perfectly turned out. Fiona obviously knows which looks work best for her and always manages to look stylish, professional and approachable - without falling victim to short-lived or unflattering trends. She's a true style icon in the Bliss office.


Victoria White, Editor, Company: I always look forward to bumping into Maire at events, largely to see what fab outfit she's wearing. From vintage Vivienne Westwood shoes to Reiss tops she can mix and match any type of style. We lived in Australia several years ago and worked at the same publishing company and even in 90F heat she managed to pull off a simple Ghost dress and flip flops and make it look smart and professional.


Marie O'Riordan, Editor, Marie Claire

She has a very signature, strong female look. Very designer-led - Louise loves Prada and Diane von Furstenberg especially. She cleverly mixes quite striking key pieces with more invisible high street layers. Her platinum blond, short hair gives her great stand out in a crowd and her distinctive glasses add intellectual gravitas just in case anyone mistook her for a fashion bimbo. Each season she seems to have a couple of items that "nod to the new season" which ensure her existing wardrobe evolves but guaranteeing she never looks like a fashion victim. All in all, her look is fashion forward while being achievable and idiosyncratic. I admire it very much.


Jo Elvin, Editor, Glamour: I have always loved what Susie Forbes wears both when she was at Vogue and equally now at Easy Living. She always looks effortlessly relaxed and chic. I think it's because she always has a killer key piece on, like a great Marc Jacobs coat, or just the right amount of something sparkly that elevates her classic style.