Internet reacts to Google’s anti-censorship in China stance

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Bloggers, social networkers and online journalists have reacted "en masse" to Google's controversial decision to stop censoring search results on the Chinese version of their search engine.

Google first told the world the company would be reviewing its business operations in China via a post on its online blog on January 12, creating a wave of online responses.

Whether it was the's "Google v China", Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Uncensoring China: Bravo Google", the Guardian's "Google strikes a blow to China's Great Firewall" or PCWorld's "Google Pulling Out of China? Don't Bet On It," online media outlets and blogs flooded the web with articles about Google's decision to stop censoring search results on

The majority of reports applauded Google for its stance, saying it was a major step forward for human rights and freedom of speech in a country that has long been trapped behind the "Great Firewall of China".

Chinese internet users aware of Google's decision voiced their gratitude via online social networking sites such as Twitter. There was also much speculation on the real-time blogging portal about how the government will react to the news of Google stopping their internet search censorship and thereby violating Chinese regulations.

"China Web portals began limiting coverage of Google's threat to leave the China market," reported one Twitter user located in China while another said "Outside #GoogleCN office today-employees reportedly sent home."