Kapoor gives Rollright Stones a shining steel companion

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Forget the Tate Modern - the sculptor Anish Kapoor has found an older and far more venerable location for his work.

Kapoor has installed his work Turning the World Inside Out at the site of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire in an attempt to make people look at art in new ways.

The work is a shining steel globe 188cm (6ft 3in) high made by Kapoor in 1997 and appears in stark contrast to the stone monuments believed to have been erected in the late Neolithic period around 3000BC. It is on loan from the collection of Cartwright Hall in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and is said to evoke the female and male Hindu cosmic symbolism.

The National Art Collection Fund is behind the rehousing as part of its "Extraordinary Art" season. The fund aims to gain new audiences by taking works out of museums and galleries and placing them in unusual settings.

The artist said he hoped the exhibit would "show that the modern and the ancient have the same intention and will bring new audiences to appreciate the beauty of both". The sculpture can be viewed from sunrise to sunset in Long Compton, Oxfordshire, until 3 August.