Last week was ...

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a Good Week for humility, as Belgian weathermen apologised for getting their forecast wrong. A formal statement said: "The Royal Meteorological Institute wishes to offer its apologies to the inhabitants of the centre of the country who could not enjoy the bright spells we had forecast for 9 July."

a Bad Week for a headache, as an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Newark made an emergency stop in Detroit after a woman passenger was heard to say: "Boy, have I got a headache. I need an aspirin before I kill someone." After Detroit police had escorted the woman from the plane, a spokesman said: "The airline took it very seriously."

a Good Week for King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV of Tonga, who was voted his country's top diet achiever. He is now down to 130kg, having lost more than 70kg since 1976.

a Bad Week for stamp-collecting, as Yeung Tung-san was convicted of house-breaking and burglary in Hong Kong. He only ever stole rare stamps, and he wore two pairs of women's tights to protect him from mosquito bites as he ransacked houses. He also carried two reserve pairs of tights in case of accident.