Loyd Grossman's saucy face worth £50m, study claims

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The ability of Loyd Grossman's face to sell a line of pasta sauces has made him the most successful television celebrity brand in Britain, a report says.

In a list dominated by chefs and lifestyle advisers, the former Masterchef host has emerged on top with an estimated £50m fortune from salad dressings and sauces that display his image and name. "Loyd's brand looks to have the same staying power as the Linda McCartney range," said Robert Gray, of the Radio Times, which compiled the list. The study - based on estimates of cash made by celebrities from commercial tie-ups - leaves out money made from books, videos and DVDs. That leaves the queen of catering, Delia Smith, off the list because her fortune has been made in books. She has sold 17 million copies in the UK alone, and her wealth is estimated at £24m. In the list, her branding rating is zero.

The sums earned through celebrity endorsement were calculated by doubling the annual sales turnover of goods with which they are linked. Products bearing the Grossman name earn £25m a year, thus giving him an anticipated £50m lifetime fortune from his slice of the profits, the study shows.

Celebrity chefs dominate the list, with Antony Worrall Thompson in second place, worth an estimated £48m. Twenty companies are licensed to use his name and it appears on electrical goods to bottled water, organic to kitchenware.

The actress, writer and cook Jane Asher is third on the list with her cake mixes, kitchenware and a tie-in with Debenham's, and a brand value of £41m.


1 Loyd Grossman, (£50m)

2 Antony Worrall Thompson, (£48m)

3 Jane Asher, (£41m)

4 Ainsley Harriott, (£30m)

5 Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, (£20m)

6 Jamie Oliver, (£8m)

7 Linda Barker, (£6m)

8 Alan Titchmarsh, (£4m)

9 Nigella Lawson, (£2m)

10 Delia Smith, (£0m)