Mandelson signs as columnist for 'GQ'

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Peter Mandelson may have lost cabinet office but he has not lost his sense of style. The MP for Hartlepool has been signed to become a columnist for GQ.

But the men's magazine cannot be accused of a lack of political balance. Amanda Platell, who ran the Conservatives' press operation for William Hague at the last election, has also agreed to be a contributor.

Lest GQ's editor Dylan Jones be accused of turning the magazine into a political journal, his third new signing is Robbie Williams – of no fixed political abode. Williams will be paid "at the going rate" for his contributions, Mr Jones said.

One feature in a forthcoming issue does involve a prominent former Tory. But pictures of Neil and Christine Hamilton posing naked can hardly be deemed political.

Mr Jones says he does want to increase the amount of investigative journalism, politics and foreign reporting in the magazine, but will not "eradicate sexuality". Speaking to the journalists' weekly, Press Gazette, he said: "I am thrilled we have got Peter Mandelson and Robbie Williams writing in the same issue."

Mr Mandelson will write a political column starting in January's issue. The Hamiltons will feature in a picture spread based on the theme "Innocence in the Garden of Eden".