Media : Harry's sleazy world: too horrible to be true?

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While the "Lucindas" are making the running, the image of the rough diamond provincial journalist is being redefined very differently in Harry, starring Michael Elphick (right), the BBC 1 series based on the strange life of a middle-aged news agency hack in Darlington, writes Robert Verkaik.

Franc Roddam, who created him, set out to expose the news business. "I wanted to show people that the news is a commodity which is bought and sold like anything else, and is suppressed and tampered with, so that we are fed drivel and lies. I wanted to let the public in on the secret." But it is an image that news agency journalists say "just isn't how we are" - it is too horrible to be true.

Last year, by contrast, the television drama Faith portrayed a tabloid journalist with a conscience (played by John Hannah) caught up in political intrigue. More fun than rewriting hand-outs?