Media: Stand-by ticket offer for The Television Show workshops

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The Independent is offering students on broadcasting-related courses and trainees in the industry the opportunity of attending workshops at The Television Show for a reduced price. Stand-by workshop tickets will cost pounds 2, less than half the normal price. Available places will be allocated at the workshop ticket desk on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure you are eligible to take advantage of this offer you should do the following:

Get your half-price entrance pass to the event itself by calling the number given below (entrance to The Television Show is pounds 15 if not purchased in advance). Passes are valid over the three days.

Obtain a letter from your college or employer confirming you are a broadcasting student or trainee.

Take your pass, your letter and that day's copy of the Independent with you to the show. (For example, if you want to go to workshops on the Friday take Friday's copy of the newspaper.)

A selection of workshops that have seats available will be published next week on the Media page.

The Television Show, an event for film and video production professionals, is being held at The Islington Design Centre from 10am to 7pm Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 March and from 10am to 5pm Friday 19 March. To obtain advance half-price entry passes to the show by credit card, call 081-948 5522.