Media / Talk of the Trade: Seven-day wonder?

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A RATHER similar venture is being planned for Scotland - but every week rather than once a month. The Scots are avid newspaper readers, but can the country support its own left-of-centre weekly illustrated news magazine? Jimmy Reid believes it can.

At 61, the former Communist campaigner (he led the Upper Clyde shipbuilders' work-in in 1971) turned newspaper columnist and broadcaster is co-editor of Seven Days Scotland, which launches this Friday with modest backing of pounds 100,000 (and is available both sides of the border). It is aiming for a circulation of 20,000, but has met a sceptical response - 'I'll give it seven days' is a typical assessment of its chances.

'I'll be pleased beyond measure if I manage to found a magazine that becomes a permanent and important feature of Scottish life and Scottish political and intellectual debate,' says Reid.