MTV fined for 'offensive' material

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MTV Networks Europe has been fined £225,000 pounds by Britain's media regulator for airing "offensive" language despite "repeated and specific warnings."

Ofcom today sanctioned the cable firm for material carried on its channels TMF, MTV U.K., MTV France and MTV Hits.

Among the instances, it said four viewers complained about the use of the words "mother---" and "f--" in a music video for the electronica act Aphex Twin on TMF. Additionally, Ofcom received five complaints about bad language on the MTV UK show "Totally Boyband." An MTV France show that relayed such messages as "the white race will triumph" and "death to all gays" drew one complaint.

Ofcom said MTV has had "a very poor record of compliance" with its broadcasting code, and "failed to exercise reasonable care" in managing its output.

In a statement, MTV said that it takes the fine "very seriously" and has taken steps to minimize future breaches.