My Mentor: Andria Vidler On Jenny Abramsky

'She encouraged me to challenge thinking so you get the very best solution'
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She's very non-hierarchical. She's incredibly bright and she encouraged me to challenge thinking so you get the very best solution. She manages to get the best out of people by enabling anybody to challenge anybody's position in a very non-confrontational way.

She used to get into the office early enough to sit down and read the newspapers with a cup of coffee with anyone from the management team that wanted to drop in. It was a really good way of focussing on the news of the day, but it was also a way to get to know each other personally rather than just as robots at work. I think it was part of what made the job so enjoyable. What was so fantastic was that nobody ran away from confrontation; there was always an opportunity to comment and criticise. I certainly learnt from the way she leads teams - she generates huge loyalty. She's an incredibly passionate person and her vision and energy is fantastic.

She's tough, but that enables you to develop in a way that I don't think every boss might. I think she gave me an opportunity to blossom.

I still thoroughly enjoy her company and I think she's one of those few people who, throughout her life, has inspired people at all different levels. How she's managed that juggle of being really passionate about driving her career but at the same time having two fantastically successful, well-rounded children is something I will always ask her advice on.

Andria Vidler is the managing director of Magic radio