My Week In Media: Charlie Higson

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Last week I watched...

The launch of Celebrity Big Brother, just to see who was going into the house. It appeared to me that Channel 4 did so well with Chantelle last time that they've decided to invent all the celebrities this time. Obviously they're hoping Ken Russell will provide some entertainment, but he's just been sitting there with a stunned look on his face. There's a lot of talk about cuts at Channel 4 and them not being able to afford anyone decent to put in the house, but I will no doubt watch some more. Everyone remembers George Galloway being a cat and you wouldn't want to miss a moment like that.

People seem to watch TV series by getting the DVD box-sets more and more these days, and we got the first series of Lost for Christmas. My wife and I hadn't seen any of it so we've spent the last week working our way through that.

Last week I read...

Obviously the huge story of the week was Saddam Hussein being hanged. When somebody told me, I thought: "That's barbaric," and not really something you want to be party to. It sums up the whole débâcle of Iraq, really. I read more about it in The Guardian but so far I haven't been tempted to go and track down the video on the internet. It being there didn't surprise me at all. Everything seems to get on there. It's the curse of the camera phone.

I looked at the Daily Mail to check up on who on earth all the people on Big Brother were. There's a journalist in there called Carole Malone who seems really dull. Let's hope they hang her. I say I'm opposed to capital punishment, but I think people might enjoy seeing her hanged. It would certainly spice it up.

Last week I surfed...

I tend to look at all the Bond websites now I'm part of the James Bond world. Commander Bond ( is the best-informed site. It's run by someone with a made-up MI6-type name. The thing with Bond is that everyone gets carried away with the whole game of it. I do a lot of online gaming, usually Call of Duty (, a Second World War game where you get to choose people from all around the world and shoot them.

'Double or Die', Charlie Higson's third Young Bond novel (007 for a younger readership) is out now (Puffin, £6.99)