My Week In Media: Dominic Cooper

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Last week I read...

I've been keeping up to date with the London Film Festival in The Times and though I missed the film, I read about The Last King of Scotland. James McAvoy plays a young Scottish doctor who goes out to be Idi Amin's private physician early on in his regime, before it was known what sort of leader he was to become. He discovers that who he thought was a great man is actually very dangerous and not someone he wants to be working for, while he is becoming accustomed to this very privileged life.

There was a horrifying story on the front page of The Times about a pelican eating a pigeon (right). A Russian ambassador gave Charles II some pelicans and they've been in St James's Park ever since. These little kids were treated to the sight of one of the pelicans munching on a pigeon - it wasn't even a horrible ratty pigeon but a beautiful black innocent-looking one!

Last week I watched...

After living in New York for the past eight months, being able to watch the BBC News is lovely. Fox News and ABC are both loud and lavish but seem so dishonest in terms of journalism - you know you're not getting the full picture. I've been following the story of Marianne Williams since she was arrested for killing her child. She was acquitted in court last week. The media immediately made out as if she was guilty but it only took the jury four hours to reach their verdict.

I watched a new comedy which is in development for the BBC. It's called Gavin and Stacey and it's brilliant. It's about a guy and a girl who fall in love. She lives in Wales and he lives in London and they meet on the phone.

Last week I surfed...

I've just got hooked up to the internet again, so I don't have to hang out of my window trying to plug into someone else's network. The story of the sale of YouTube to Google caught my eye. I didn't know the story of the guys who founded it. It's an incredible resource - voyeuristic but really creative. The "Ghostriders" struck me recently. They're ridiculous people who stand on the roof of their cars and then crash them into lampposts.

Dominic Cooper has been nominated Best Newcomer in the British Independent Film Awards for his role in The History Boys, on general release.