My Week In Media: Lulu Kennedy

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Last week I watched...

Countdown early in the morning. Before shows, I am always a bit manic and insomniac and I wake up at weird times of the night. Watching television helps me get back to sleep and Countdown is quite good for that, although I get quite fascinated with Carol Vorderman and trying to work out if she's a replicant or human, and where her dresses are from. Des O'Connor looks like a complete spare part because Carol is running the whole thing.

Last week I read...

I love the new-style issue of Time Out for fashion week. It's upbeat and exciting, and I think Maggie Davis as a writer and editor is brilliant at gauging the temperature of things, with the features on the designer Gareth Pugh and Boombox, a Sunday-night club night where lots of kids dress up really wild and a lot of senior fashion industry people go.

I read the obituary of Anita Roddick in The Guardian. It was really personal; they had spoken to a lot of her friends and there were some lovely quotes. Someone called John Elkington said: "What a woman, what a heart, what a sense of humour, what a trouble-maker!" There was a lot of criticism of her selling out to L'Oréal, and someone called Deborah Bee said: "To all the critics who said Anita was an opportunist, I say: how many orphanages have you built?" It just made me think, what a great woman and what a pioneer. She was really ahead of her time.

Last week I listened to...

I was working late at the office on Wednesday and came across this cute programme on Radio 1 called Classic Voices. The presenter, Ralph McLean, is lovely and geeky and played brilliant but obscure Marc Bolan stuff that I'd never heard before, plus Donovan, Bowie, Lou Reed. I'm going to be a regular.

Last week I surfed...

I used to go to Trash, a club night at The End, religiously on a Monday night. The founder has online shows archived that we've been listening to in the studio. ( The founder Erol Alkan broke amazing bands on to the scene, like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can hear them playing live and backstage interviews, and Erol and his friends play records. It takes me back to those days, which were really fun for me. I wanted something really colourful for my new house and I bought an original Peter Blake from the 1960s called Babe Rainbow on

Lulu Kennedy is the director of Fashion East, which showcases new design talent.