My Week In Media: Neil 'Razor' Ruddock

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Last week I listened to...

TalkSport. It's an amazing station; I love listening to Jon Gaunt in the mornings, and James Whale in the evenings. It's much more than just sport being discussed. The political programmes are really useful. I was never very clever at school, so these have provided me with an education. This week there was a really interesting debate about whether Muslim women should wear veils. The most interesting point was the question of whether children should be allowed to go home from school with veiled women, as they could be anyone. How can a teacher know if it's the mother?

Another topic was parking tickets, and the fact that there is a fee to park in hospitals these days. It's an absolute disgrace, especially having to pay when visiting casualty. It takes so long to get seen that it's impossible to tell how long you'll have to wait. When you eventually get seen, you could leave to find a parking ticket! It's completely out of order.

Last week I surfed...

eBay. I love browsing the site and seeing the stupid things people sell. The most crazy item was a tin of baked beans, which had gone up to £2.57. There was also a conker with a £1.05 bid. It just shows how crazy some people are. My in-laws bought a gorgeous sofa and two chairs for a penny on the site, and when they went to pick it up the vendor insisted they pay in cash!

Last week I read...

A piece in Thursday's Mirror about Wacko Jacko. I was compelled to buy the paper, as it had a picture on the front of a very odd-looking man dressed as a woman, and I needed to find out who the loony was. It turned out to be Michael Jackson, looking completely recognisable but dressed in tight jeans, a floppy Ascot-style hat and heels, walking in the South of France. He looked so strange, and though he was trying to deflect attention and disguise himself, he wasn't fooling anyone. Putting the picture on the front was a clever tactic as I wanted to buy the paper, which I wouldn't otherwise have done.

Last week I watched...

As many antique and property programmes as possible. I've been glued to Cash in the Attic, Flog It and To Buy or Not To Buy. They give me ideas on what to look out for when I go to the antique shows in Rye and Battle. I'm mostly interested in posh china figurines; my favourite make is Lladro.

Neil Ruddock, a former professional footballer, begins a new career as a TV presenter, hosting Football Saved My Life on Wednesdays at 10pm on Bravo