My Week In Media: Rob Da Bank

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Last week I read...

The biggest story for me, covered by most newspapers, was: "Illegal raves are back!" Big raves were busted by heavy-handed police in Essex and Cornwall last weekend. The Mirror and The Sun wrote as if raves have just suddenly come back. The truth is that they happen every weekend. It's just that people have got cleverer. And they're not raves, just people having fun in a field!

I was in The Independent's music mag, so I looked at that. It's a great section; really up my street in terms of underground and independent music. It was good to see a piece about Lou Rhodes, and the profiles of small labels are good. Our festival Bestival is on this weekend and Mixmag has a piece on us. It slightly adapted what we do for its own audience and made out it was just a big fun rave, which is not entirely the case.

Last week I listened to...

I've been listening to Terry Wogan in the morning. It's just a background thing, but since John Peel died he's got the best voice on radio. I've been listening to Edith Bowman's new show on Radio 1; she's doing a really good job. John Peel Day was launched on Radio 1 this week for the second year; it's happening in October and all Radio 1 DJs are bigging it up so we get even more people involved doing gigs in honour of the great man.

A teenage rock'n'roll band called Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, signed to my label Sunday Best, are one of the most-played new acts on Xfm, so I've heard them a few times. I listened to Scissor Sisters doing a live session from Maida Vale on Radio 2. They didn't mention Bestival, which they're headlining on Sunday, but I don't mind because we've nearly sold out.

Pitchfork ( is an underground, alternative music site based in the US, covering everything from rock to electronic. It's very me, very eclectic, and it's a proper magazine format with great journalism. They reviewed a folk compilation I did and gave it a pasting, but it was a nice critical pasting. The UK equivalent is They're a website, online label and source of good factual news about artists. I read about Bat For Lashes, a group I've been championing. People call the singer the new Kate Bush; she's incredible.

Rob da Bank is a BBC Radio 1 DJ. Bestival is on the Isle of Wight this weekend (