My Week In Media: Tracey Cox

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Last week I read...

I looked through the Daily Mail most days this week because I get it free at my gym. I've been following its coverage of knife and gun crime with interest. It really concerns me, but actually I was talking to a senior police officer this week who was adamant that the situation wasn't getting any worse – it is just getting more media coverage.

I've also kept myself updated on the poor couple who were shot in Antigua. The newspapers this week, as always, have depressed me. Also I read everything in the papers and in books on sex because I'm researching my 13th book. I've now got about 600 sex books in my house but I'm still reading more. I had a really good look through Bonk: Science in Pursuit of Better Sex, by Mary Roach.

Last week I watched...

Dexter, which is the most fabulous show ever. It stars Michael C Hall, right, from Six Feet Under, who is a fantastic actor. He plays a serial killer who works as a blood-splatter expert for the FBI, but he only ever kills people who deserve it. I'm not normally into crime programmes but it is quirky, black and absolutely thrilling. It has got me hooked. I also went out to see The Dark Knight, which was terrific. Heath Ledger was amazing but I don't think he quite deserves an Oscar and it certainly shouldn't have a 12A rating. I didn't really watch much news on television but did watch BBC Breakfast a few times, as I was on it promoting my new show.

Last week I surfed...

I'm revamping my own website so I've been looking at that a lot, which is actually really weird as you never normally look at your own one. Other than that I've been feeding my Amazon obsession. I've got about 50 novels sitting at home that I haven't read but I still keep going back on Amazon and buying more. I suppose I've reached that time in my life when I just want to read and read but don't have the time. I also checked out Love Honey, a website for sex toys that also sells my sex books. and Kinsey Confidential. which is a really useful sex-educator site.

Last week I listened to...

I didn't have the radio on much, but I love Jo Whiley so had her on most days.

Tracey Cox is a sex, body language and relationship expert. Her new show 'Would Like to Meet...Again' airs on 14 August at 8pm on BBC2