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IAPs invited to join evaluation

The National Council for Educational Technology (NCET) is inviting UK Internet access providers (IAPs) to join a new evaluation project being launched on 30 June at the Commonwealth Institute. The aim of the evaluation is to provide guidance information for schools on purchasing IAP services and to give feedback to the industry to help provide more suitable services for education.

IAPs are invited to sign up on the launch day and should contact Sonia Tennant at NCET on 01203 416994 for further information.

Oasis warns on Web sites

Oasis has issued a legal warning over the use of copyright material on hundreds of unofficial Internet sites dedicated to the group.

The band's management said last week that it hoped that Web site operators would heed the warning and not force the group to go to court. Unofficial Oasis Web sites have been using extensive sound and video material from the band without permission.

Some Oasis fans who run Internet pages were upset by an e-mail message last week advising that they had 30 days to remove unauthorised material, or face legal action.

Monitor your monitor

The Computing Suppliers Federation has launched the latest phase of its Monitors Matter! campaign, a free education program designed for monitor users.

The CSF is providing end users and IT professionals with a booklet, the Definitive Guide to a Healthy Monitor, which explains the key elements that determine display quality and the factors which impact on users.

Individuals can also test their existing monitor or a prospective purchase using the CSF CheckScreen software, supplied free of charge upon request. More information is available on the CSF's Web site (