Network Bytes: Battle for the chip

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Digital Equipment Corp is expected to announce this week that it will be the first US company to take Advanced Micro Devices' K6 chip - pretender to Intel's Pentium II throne. Advanced Micro told shareholders last week about the Digital win, and also said several top-tier vendors were evaluating the chip, hinting at the likes of IBM and Compaq. Digital's personal computer arm will apparently use the K6 with MMX - yes, the courts said AMD does now have the right to use the term MMX - in its entry-level Venturis FX-2 desktop machines.

The K6 is said to give Pentium Pro performance at 25 per cent lower cost. The Venturis K6 models will be offered for the Windows 95 and NT markets, for which the K6 is supposed to be optimised. Advanced Micro said Hewlett Packard was also expected to announce this week that it would use the company's K5 chip in its Vectra 500 series of PCs for small businesses. Fujitsu-ICL has also agreed to use the K6 chip in future machines. ComputerWire