One year on, what happened to Craig?

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Last year's contestants all entered Big Brother hoping it would bring them big fame and fortune. The reality has been a little different.

Craig Phillips, the winner, donated his £70,000 prize to a relative to pay for an operation in the United States. Thereafter a recording career proved a damp squib and after a brief stint on a DIY television show the 29-year-old from Liverpool has returned to his job on a building site.

Caroline O'Shea, a 37-year-old from Birmingham, failed in a bid to bring out a pop album.

"Nasty" Nick Bateman, a 33-year-old former banker, emerged as one of the few financial winners. He sold his story and is making a second series of the Channel 4 game show Trust Me.

Sada Walkington, who was first to be voted out, used the publicity to launch her self-help book The Babe's Bible and work on promotions for the internet portal Yahoo!

Anna Nolan, the 30-year-old lesbian and former nun, has kept a low profile.

Nichola Holt, the 27-year-old artist from Bolton, released a single "It's Only a Game", which peaked at number 72.

Tom McDermott, a 31-year-old farmer's son from Northern Ireland, is an aspiring actor jobbing as a TV reporter on The Kelly Show and is preparing for fatherhood with former housemate Claire Strutton. She made a brief appearance in a Christmas pantomime.

Melanie Hill, 26, was a guest presenter of C4's TFI Friday. She has since written for Marie Claire and presented a TV dating show on non-terrestrial TV.

Andy Davidson, 24, has dabbled in a media career as a reporter on the Channel 5 show Exclusive.

Darren Ramsay, the 23-year-old former Dome host, signed a modelling contract and became a children's show presenter on Sky TV.