Digital Digest: 20/04/2010

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Detroit's plight has been well documented by photographers but none has conveyed the tragedy of a city on life support – and a symbol of America's ills – like new aerial footage filmed for MSNBC's Dateline. In clips on Gawker.TV, Motor City looks more like a war zone than a once-thriving metropolis.


Former Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair has written a lengthy piece for the 'New Statesman', criticising both Labour and the Conservative's plans to imitate American law enforcement agencies in order to combat crime in the UK. "Perhaps too many politicians have been watching 'The Wire'," he muses.


The Twitch blog, devoted to movies from around the world, has debuted a magnificently chilling trailer for the forthcoming Chinese blockbuster, 'Aftershocks'. The film, by director Feng Xiaogang, is about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, though it will no doubt stir fresher memories of last week's quake in Qinghai province.


In a surely-not-in-2010 story causing a storm online, the Bilerico Project blog details the case of Harold and Clay, an elderly gay couple in California. After taking every step to protect their rights during a 20-year relationship, their alleged treatment by the authorities after Harold's death defies belief.


1,000 7" vinyl copies of Blur's first single since 2003, "Fool's Day" went on sale on Saturday to mark Record Store Day, in support of independent record shops, and were snapped up in hours. Log on to Blur's official website to download a free digital version of this welcome reunion.


Far from fading away like a bad smell, the ultra-conservative "Tea Party" movement in the US has become more powerful and organised over the past year. Slate has engineered a timelapse map of the country, demonstrating the growth of its activities since January 2009.


Intergroom, an international dog grooming show held annually in New Jersey, attracted its fair share of wacky pooch hair over the weekend. 'The New York Times' has obliged pet-coiffe-lovers with this handy slideshow – angels, dragons and 'Alice in Wonderland' tributes abound.