Drudge Report founder and right-wing commentator Matt Drudge mystifies readers by deleting all of his tweets – except one

Cryptic remaining message posted late on Saturday laments ‘manic Digital Age’

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The right-wing US commentator who founded the hugely successful Drudge Report website has mysteriously deleted almost every single one of his tens of thousands of tweets – leaving only a cryptic final message behind.

Matt Drudge, 47, rose to internet stardom with his news aggregating site, known for its politically-driven headlines with a distinct conservative slant.

His personal Twitter account, @DRUDGE, has more than 260,000 followers – while he himself famously doesn’t follow anyone at all.

Yet after years of what one media blog described as “provocative” Drudge tweets, the enigmatic commentator has replaced them all with a single, 77-character message.

At around 3am BST on Sunday morning, Drudge wrote: “In this manic Digital Age… It’s vital… To clear your mind… Constantly…”

A number of theories have been put forward as to why Drudge might have taken this drastic action. One is that, like David Letterman revealed recently, he may be feeling remorse for his treatment of Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern at the centre of the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal.

Another, apparently in keeping with Drudge Report’s “ongoing shift away from conservative headlines”, is that Drudge wants a fresh start from which to rethink his editorial position.

Finally, as one Twitter user has suggested, perhaps Drudge was simply motivated by just “being mysterious”.