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The Independent's new iPad app reflects the full range of our daily coverage, with up-to-date news, opinion and images. Download it and take it with you to read whenever and wherever you want.

Go to the App Store for our fast download and start using your free trial now.

Here's what the app delivers:

  • Browse separate sections for the Frontpage, UK, World, Business, People, Opinion, Sport, Life & Style, Arts & Entertainment and Travel.
  • A simple click at the bottom of each article page delivers pop-up links of every article in the section.
  • Photo galleries launch with full-screen high-resolution images.
  • Download and carry on reading even when you are out of signal range.

Free from political bias, The Independent is proud to live up to its name, with clear and forthright writing covering the whole range of UK and international news and opinion.

The Independent iPad app captures all these values, together with the title's acknowledged respect for the best in news, current affairs, sport and arts photography.

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