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Thanks to digital-savvy idle thumbs, the opportunity to transform your looks using a quick online feature is a regular one. There have been programmes that allow you to transform yourself into a Mad Men character, or a yellow-skinned Simpson or a pixellated digital blur. And, all the way back in 2001, Chris Doyle's website Reasonably Clever offered users the chance to make themselves as a Lego figure. Which is fun – we all need a Twitter avatar. But two French artists have flip-reversed the idea with Legolize.

Legolize is an art project in which Fabien Bouchard and photographer Mademoiselle Maurice, aka Marie Saudin, have taken a real head-sized Lego head, decorated it with the hats and accessories worn by their friends and asked them to pose with it for the most basic of Polaroid photos.

It might not help counteract the dominance of digital avatars, indeed the end result is... actually a bit creepy. But still very cool. And only a life-sized Lego head away from being available to everyone.