Weird web news: A 10-month-old baby’s Christmas wish list...


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On Wednesday a blog post imagining what a 10-month-old baby’s Christmas wish list might look like went viral.

Vom-inducing? Not quite. “My mother has been sending out a list to people,“ the “letter” began,  “but her list does not in any way reflect the things I really want. I could give two s#*ts about stacking cups,” it continued, before listing the items all 10-month-old babies really want: your house keys, everybody’s glasses, the dog’s food and so on. The writer of the post is the 33-year-old New Jersey-based stand-up comedian Raquel D’Apice. So how did it feel to know her words had been read all over the world? “Going viral has been strange,” she told me. “I have people I haven’t talked to in months or years who are emailing and congratulating me but the majority of my day I’m alone in my apartment with a 10-month-old and a dog and, honestly, both of them couldn’t care less about any of it.”

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