Weird web news: Three apps unlikely to take smartphone world by storm


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A recent article in Business Insider contained advice for app developers from one Ryan Matzner of mobile app development firm Fueled.

Matzner offered up a things-to-avoid guide based around some “terrible” ideas would-be developers had contacted his company about. Now he comes to mention it, there do seem to be quite a lot of crap apps (crapps?) about these days. Here’s three that are unlikely to be taking the smartphone world by storm any time soon:

1. Perfect Pop (listens to the pops coming from your microwave to find the precise moment when your popcorn is perfectly done).

2. Aquafresh Time 2 Brush (a customised tune plays and a timer counts down for two minutes while children brush their teeth).

3. Will You Marry Me (wedding proposer: all you have to do is enter your sweetheart’s name, or that of the one you’re practising with).

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