Best In Show: Huggies (JWT)

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Advertising people in London spend at least 11 months of the year utterly convinced that London is the centre of the creative universe.

And then every now and again something comes along from another part of the world that suggests otherwise.

"Geyser" from JWT New York for Huggies is one of those moments. It's a rare gem not least because it zigs to its category zag. And Saatchi & Saatchi knows just how challenging the category can be. Here we have a classic product demonstration delivered with a smile, actually a laugh.

It shows a young dad taking a break from a dinner party to change his baby's nappy. Every time our man lifts the nappy so it's not covering his son, a hose-like torrent of wee blasts out hitting the ceiling, the walls and the furniture. The best bit is when the baby, right on target, hoses the hosts's wedding photo.

It captures a truth, makes its point and elicits some joy all in 30 seconds. So credit where credit's due. Even (and especially) when it's from one of our client's competitors.