Thomson and Sorrell are on cue


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The news of Lachlan Murdoch's surprise return to his father Rupert's fold will increase interest in today's hot debate at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London, where Sir Martin Sorrell will be talking with Robert Thomson, the chief executive of News Corporation.

Lachlan is giving up his media career in Australia to become his dad's co-chairman at both News Corp and 21st Century Fox. Aussie-born Mr Thomson was quick to praise the "acumen and enthusiasm" of the prodigal son. "His early appreciation of the value of REA, the digital property site that is a jewel in our crown, is an indicator of his prescience and strategic savvy," he said, praising a site that is valued at more than £2bn. Mr Thomson might be a former editor of The Times, but News Corp's business goes way beyond newspapers.

He is due to debate with Sir Martin on the vast subject of "the future of news and advertising". The future of Planet Murdoch would suffic