Paxman 'left computer on all night'

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BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman's invective against the apparently unsound green credentials of his employer has raised at least one colleague's eyebrows.

This week, Paxman accused the BBC of "corporate hypocrisy" on the environment due to, among other things, its lack of offsetting policy, the shortage of office recycling bins and its tendency to leave office lights and computers on all night.

But fellow Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler said he was surprised to read Paxman's "devastating critique of the BBC's failures to be green enough" in the BBC's Ariel magazine.

"In the BBC office Jeremy and I share, the computer and monitor (which we also share) were left switched on all night. Who could it be, wasting all that electricity? Well, the last log-in I discovered was 'Paxmanj'. Any ideas?"