Damning verdict from judge as Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham loses damages bid against Associated Newspapers


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MP Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham was today criticised by a judge after losing her privacy and harassment claim against Associated Newspapers.

The judge said he had not found Ms Trimingham to be a good or reliable witness in a number of respects.

Her evidence that Associated "trashed" her civil partnership in publishing the wedding photo was seriously exaggerated and demonstrated a lack of objectivity.

He had formed a poor view of her candour in diminishing the importance of the election leaflet about Mr Huhne's family.

"Ms Trimingham has shown little sign of recognising how what she herself has done has given rise to the publicity she finds so unwelcome.

"The difficult situation she found herself in was of her own making.

"One reason why it is objectionable for a sexual relationship to arise between people who are already in a professional or work relationship is that there is then a greatly increased risk of conflicts arising between professional duty and personal interest."

It was this crossing of boundaries which led an editorial executive on the newspaper to consider that Ms Trimingham's role in the story of Mr Huhne was so significant, he added.

"Professionally, it was her job to ensure that Mr Huhne received the best possible publicity, but it was the sexual affair on which she embarked, and which she continued to conduct, with Mr Huhne that gave rise to the scandal."

He said that Ms Trimingham's robust personality was shown by her seeing nothing wrong in disclosing to the world at large what she considered newsworthy information about the sexual activities of others or information conveyed in a private conversation.