Did you spot our hose hoax?

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It was the hosepipe story that was too bad to be true. Our April Fool's Day report that police would be accepting hosepipes in stations as part of a nationwide amnesty had many people wondering.

The article said Kingston-on-Thames police were piloting the scheme, giving out "I've Piped Down" badges to anyone who gave up their hose. Press officers at Kingston Police station were surprised to get a call from BBC Radio London last Sunday asking whether anyone was available for an interview about it. "It took [the reporter] a while for the penny to drop that it was a spoof," a police spokeswoman said.

One outraged reader wrote to the paper saying: "So they want an amnesty on hose pipes, and for people to hand them in. This is another rich man's option – if we hand ours in we will have to buy a new one when the ban is over. Or will it never be over?"