For the record: 16/03/2009

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"Advertising markets remain very depressed, with revenues to date in 2009 35.9 per cent below those for 2008" – Johnston Press reveals news of the greatest revenue fall in its history.

'Sun' care-less?

A campaign is afoot to scupper the chances of Rebekah Wade and 'The Sun' at the British Press Awards this month. Judges have been lobbied by Bronagh Miskelly, editor of 'Community Care', claiming 'The Sun's entry for 'Campaign of the Year' undermined the social work profession. The campaign, on the Baby P case, was "based on a misleading premise and amounted to what many social workers felt was a witch hunt against them", says Miskelly. One social worker was called "useless" in 31 articles.

Thanks a lot, Roy

During one of the most savage weeks of job cutting the sector has seen, the 'Guardian' pundit Roy Greenslade celebrated the bloodletting – which included lay-offs at Guardian Media Group – under the provocative headline "Raise your glasses – who cares if freesheets close by the dozen?" He apologised after an angry response and turned his attentions to Africa and a speech about the state of journalism there. "No need to starve. Refreshments and sandwiches are provided." Very sensitive.

The Arden way

Toni Anstruther, wife of the late, great Paul Arden, creative head of Saatchi's during its golden years, is to stage a series of exhibitions in his memory. Arden came up with such lines as "The Independent. It is. Are you?" and "The car in front is a Toyota". The first event is based on the title of his book 'Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite' and features work by students from Kingston College, Surrey, at the Arden & Anstruther gallery in Petworth, West Sussex, from 29 March. In May, the same gallery will show Arden's oil paintings.

Sack race is on

The industry could have done without a round-robin email from PRs Taylor Herring screaming "SOMEONE'S GOING TO GET FIRED". It turns out to be a reminder that Sir Alan Sugar and BBC1 controller Jay Hunt are launching the new series of 'The Apprentice'.