For the record: 30/11/2009

"[An] exciting venture which will help us rapidly expand our digital operations." Telegraph editor-in-chief Will Lewis assumes the role of managing director, digital and heads up a new 50-strong "entrepreneurial unit"
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Take That, Coulson

After previous inept attempts to win showbiz friends, the Tories are upping their game.

Lucian Grainge and David Joseph, the powerful bosses of Universal, are trying to make David Cameron cool with the music set, as is Tory spin doctor and ex-editor of The Sun's Bizarre column Andy Coulson who escorted Dave backstage at the recent BBC Children in Need Rocks concert. Cameron met Sir Paul McCartney and chatted with Take That while, according to one press report, keeping Robbie Williams waiting outside in the corridor. The Tory leader reportedly later recounted how Robbie joked "It's all right, we've only been waiting 14 years for a reunion, five more minutes won't hurt." A great line, even though neither Take That nor Robbie remember it. Give Mr Coulson a pay rise!

Mystery of Marina

Just who is Marina O'Loughlin, and is that really her name? Asked to present a prize at the London Restaurant Festival awards, at which she had been a judge, the Metro restaurant critic declined on the grounds that her anonymity might be compromised. "She really is the last of the anonymous food critics," says a rival writer. "She is treated as a normal customer. However good the other critics are, with their byline pictures you know what they look like and they are going to get different treatment. People fear Marina because she writes well and knows about food. What she's getting is what you genuinely get in these posh restaurants."

Food for thought

Talking of grub, last week's warning by the British Society of Gastroenterology on the danger of fad diets made a splash for the Daily Express but was buried on page 19 by the Daily Mail, which is usually obsessed by such issues. The next day's Mail masthead gave the explanation in a special report: "The One Day On, One Day Off Diet", and the promise: "It helps you lose weight and live longer."

BBC gaffer's gopher

But credit to the Mail for reporting that the new head of editorial standards at the BBC, Paul Smith, was previously the operator of the children's television glove puppet Gordon the Gopher.