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Send us your thoughts on the promotional drive for <i>i</i> the new kind of newspaper brought to you by the award-winning team at the <i>Independent</i> for just 20p
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As always, everyone at i is keen to hear your views. Carry on telling us what you think about the paper (we do listen, as is shown by the recent addition of BBC4 listings to the TV pages).

Now we're also keen to hear your thoughts on our advertising campaign. Click HERE to see all the posters and below to hear the radio ad.

* When did you hear the radio ad?
* Where did you see the posters?
* What did you think of them?
* And do you have any other ideas?

Also, if you missed them, where did your hear about i ?

We're keen to learn from the feedback of our readers and would love to hear your views through any of the links above.


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