Media Diary: Luton riled by Sayle obits

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Famous reporter Murray Sayle tracked down Che Guevara in Bolivia. But ex-BBC man Clifford Luton lodged double PCC complaints against the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times because their obituaries of Sayle failed to say he paid for a plane to locate yachtsman Sir Francis Chichester in 1966, while Sayle was merely a passenger.

Workies blessed in experience

Changing technology is making the mad world of advertising even madder still. Among the work experience interns at digital agency Weapon7 are John Bacon, 62, and Adrian Kemsley, 52, creatives behind the Rutger Hauer Guinness ads and "You Only Get an Ooh with Typhoo".

Stern steals infor award

Journalists have for many, many years been happy to allow PRs to pay for their lunch. But now they might have to get used to them stealing it. The Workworld Media Awards, which took place in London last week, honoured the blog of Stefan Stern, who is no longer a Financial Times columnist but a flack for the spin merchants Edelman. Foul!