Media Diary: Who regulates video content?

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Newspaper websites

The regulator you've never heard of – ATVOD (that's the Association for Television on Demand) – is making a land-grab.

It has written to newspapers claiming £2,900 apiece for the benefit of its regulatory advice on video content shown on their websites. Failure to pay, ATVOD claims, amounts to a contravention of the Communications Act. But hang on a moment, isn't regulation of newspaper websites already being done by the Press Complaints Commission? The PCC chairman Baroness Peta Buscombe (below) needs to watch out or the whole principle of self-regulation of the press will be undermined and her already under-fire body will find itself even more marginalised.

Bell complains about report


Lord Bell is furious about a BBC report on his company's links to Bahrain. "I'm in the process of making a formal complaint to [the BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael] Lyons based on the fact their report isn't true and their behaviour was reckless." The PR is vexed at the BBC's coverage of a gathering outside Bell Pottinger's London premises. "Four people outside my office is not a demonstration."

Evans off on golfing break


If you thought Radio 2 host Chris Evans wasn't earning enough from the licence fee, fear not. Radio 5 Live is flying him out to commentate on the first round of golf's US Open.