Media Lunch: David Rowan, editor of ‘Wired’ magazine

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The venue: Côte. It was recommended by our managing editor and was convenient.

The company: Armando Iannucci.

The conversation: I was trying to charm him into helping us secure Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison for the cover of Wired.

On the menu: We never actually got lunch: the restaurant couldn't cope with a sudden influx of demand, so after waiting an hour we left. Armando did get a calamari starter and I got soup, but there was a Beckettian pause in service after that. The manager apologised and dispensed with the bill.

Come here often? We're producing an information-intense, design-led magazine, which doesn't leave much time for lunches. Breakfast, though, is scientifically proven to be efficient – so some days I schedule two.

Côte, 124-126 Wardour Street, London W1