Occupy Rupert Murdoch: Protesters aim to hold ‘people’s trial’

Occupy members intend to present an ‘arrest warrant’ to Rupert Murdoch

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An “Occupy Rupert Murdoch” protest week is to be held outside News UK’s offices in London, culminating in a “people’s trial” of the media tycoon

The protesters said the Leveson Inquiry had shown that there had been widespread bullying of British politicians by the media for years and called for their draft “Occupy Charter for a Free Democratic Press” to be endorsed by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and other party leaders.

They plan to present a giant “arrest warrant” for Mr Murdoch, accusing him of crimes including phone-hacking, to News UK’s headquarters on 23 March. They are also protesting against the influence of the wealthy owners of the Mail, Telegraph and Express newspapers.

Occupy Rupert Murdoch Week said: “The Leveson Inquiry not only revealed the callous invasion of the privacy of grieving families, through industrial-scale hacking, but equally importantly exposed the fact that Britain’s politicians have been blackmailed and bullied by these media corporations for a generation.”