Paparazzi make life 'unbearable', says mother of Grant's baby


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The mother of the actor Hugh Grant's baby daughter obtained an injunction barring paparazzi from standing outside her home after suffering "unbearable" pursuit which included being caused to crash her car, the High Court heard yesterday.

Tinglan Hong, who gave birth last month, claimed she was made the subject of such intensive media interest that at times 10 or more photographers would be outside her London home through the night.

Ms Hong was granted a stringent injunction under anti-harassment legislation last week banning photographers from picturing her outside her home or in the street after a judge heard she had been followed since January this year.

In a copy of his judgment, Mr Justice Tugendhat noted that Ms Hong, 31, felt that "the pursuit of her has become much worse and her life has become ... unbearable".

The judge said she had found "distressing" the fact she was being followed by a "tall bald man" who drove a black Audi and on one occasion was allegedly caused to crash into another vehicle because she was distracted by its presence.