Paper 'sloppy' over Peaches Geldof article

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The press watchdog said today the Daily Star newspaper was guilty of "sloppy journalism" over an article which claimed Peaches Geldof received money for "showing up to parties".

The paper ran a front page story last September under the headline "Peaches: Spend the night with me for 5k", saying that Geldof was paid for her "company" and for "services".

Lawyers for the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates claimed the inaccurate article would mislead readers into believing the 19-year-old was offering sexual favours in return for money and demanded an apology.

The Press Complaints Commission said the Star's story had "fallen well short of the high standards" of the newspapers' code of practice. "This was all sloppy journalism," it added.

The Star did print an apology last month, although not on the front page as lawyers for the teenager had demanded.